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Family farm history

In 1778, Noah Parsons III moved with his family to farm on what is now Easthampton Road in Westhampton, Massachusetts. Almost 250 years later, the Parsons family still owns and farms that same land. Henry manages the dairy herd and beef cattle. Ed oversees the crops, maple sugaring, and equipment. Margie and Kate run the creamery and farm store. Currently, the dairy herd consists of about 100 registered Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Jersey cows.

Parsons brothers

As the farm has passed from generation to generation, the location has remained the same, but the farm has seen many changes. A sawmill was built in the 1840's and remained in operation until the early 1970's. Henry and Ed's father and mother, Mahlon II and Bertha, instigated the switch to registered cattle in the 1950's. With a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Massachusetts, Henry began concentrating on genetics for type and production in the 1970's. A new freestall barn and milking parlor were constructed in the 1980's. In February 2015, we opened our brand new creamery right next door to the dairy barn. At the creamery, we are bottling pasteurized creamline milk (non-homogenized), including regular and chocolate milk, and making fresh cheeses such as Skyr and Fromage Blanc in a variety of flavors–including maple of course! Please check the farm Facebook page for hours and more information about the creamery.

The present company...

A number of family members ensure that the farm runs smoothly. Henry's wife, Margie (also a UMass AnSci grad.), is our maple cream and sugar maker, chief sales representative, and often milks and helps with other chores. Recently retired Westhampton treasurer and accountant, Margie also handles the farm's finances and bookkeeping. Trina, Edward's wife, is a manager at Ben & Bill's as well as an entrepreneur. The younger generation includes, on Henry and Margie's side, Ethan and his younger sister Kate, and on Ed and Trina's side, Clint and his younger brother Lee. Ethan is a researcher at MIT, while Kate is the Berkshire County district conservationist for the U.S.D.A. Natural Resources Conservation Service. A Cornell Ag. school graduate, Kate is our creamery manager, primary cheesemaker and also regulary pitches in around the farm. Clint, a UMass NRE graduate, is currently an Agricultural Specialist with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Most of the time, he keeps an eye on New York's border with Canada, but he never hesitates to hop on a tractor when home visiting family. Lee works in excavation and construction and often helps out with weekend chores and maple sugaring.

Parsons farm family
From left to right: Clint, Trina, Lee, Kate, Margie, Ethan (standing); Ed, Henry (kneeling) and Bear.

And a little glory...

Henry and Ed Parsons
Outstanding Dairy Farmers Ed and Henry Parsons

A few years back, Henry and Ed were named the Massachusetts Outstanding Dairy Farmers. In competing for this coveted award, farmers are judged on the basis of farm management, crop management, milk quality, and service in the dairy industry. The award was widely recognized to be the result of the brothers' attention to detail, meticulousness in monitoring their cows' environment, and paying the utmost attention to feeding and breeding. The Parsons family was honored along with the winners from each of the other New England States at an awards ceremony held at the Big E.

Mayval Farm–The Parsons family
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