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100% pure Massachusetts maple syrup evaporated at our sugar house from sap gathered from the maple trees on the farm. We use only traditional methods, including a wood-fired boiler, for the very best maple flavor. Mass Maple has a nice description of the different maple syrup grades here.

Maple syrup is available for shipping and is for sale at the creamery farm store. We are now using Cruchons jugs, for their angular, classic look and robust cap.

Quart Maple Syrup $20.00  
quart maple syrup
One quart of pure maple syrup. A nice manageable size for those of you who don't like to clean out the 'fridge that often.

One-Half Gallon Maple Syrup $32.00  
one-half gallon maple syrup
One-half gallon of maple syrup. Historically, our most popular size.

gallon syrup half gallon syrup